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The Doug and Eric Show Meet Douglas Muir and Eric Johnson, the hosts of the Doug and Eric Show!

The Hosts - Doug & Eric

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About Doug and Eric

Douglas Muir is a former captain with a US airline and is an authority in business strategy for small to mid size companies having successfully built several multi-million dollar enterprises from the ground up.

He is considered the start up guru and speaks internationally on topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business growth. He has been interviewed by Gerri Willis of CNN, Bloomberg Radio, and has been published and quoted in numerous publications including Business Week and The Scotsman Guide a prestigious magazine for the banking, mortgage, and investor industry. Douglas is the host of The Doug and Eric Show on ABC “Exposing the Hidden Truths about the Three Credit Bureaus and the Banking and Finance System.” He was recently featured in Kaihan Krippendorff's business tactics book, "Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile" about how he infiltrated the insurance industry and locked out his competition.

Muir speaks nationally to mortgage, real estate and finance professionals about the inacuracy of the three credit bureaus and how it directly effects their business and the consumer. His impressive response has propelled CJS into one of the largest credit restauration company in the United States.

Muir also co-founded the National Association of Credit Repair Organizations (NACRO), which aims to regulate and monitor professionals in the credit repair industry.