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  • Opt Out to Credit Bureaus Selling Your Information

    Credit Bureaus Sell Your Information Daily to All Types of Marketers - But Only If You Let Them... Just Say "NO MORE!" and They Have to Stop! Here's How to "Opt-Out!"


  • Are The "Experts" Worth Listening to? Sometimes.....

    It's funny how most mainstream news outlets won't report what's really happening. You have to sort of 'connect the dots' to really get a good sense. So here's a list of snippets..


  • LBYM

    Especially in these times, where it seems that everyone is on a debt binge, it's important to consider the opportunity and possibility of Living Beneath Your Means (LBYM). With home equity rates and mortgages so low, it seems that many feel it's a great time to consolidate debt, lower payments..


  • Some Ideas to Transform American Politics...Right Now!

    Any serious political discussion where there is cross fertilization of thought and idea will bring forth the subject of 'term limits' for statesmen. This is possibly because the politicians and government of our day are referred to as the 'political class.'


  • Why You Should Consider Decreasing Your Need For Financial Institutions...

    Have you ever considered how well you could function without a bank, debit card, credit card, brokerage firm, insurance company or other financial institution? It would be a bit difficult.


  • Health Insurance, Money & Health

    I'm never one to promote the notion that there is 'one size fits all' with regards to the 'health insurance conversation', but it certainly is worthy to be very intentional about this touchy topic. Here are some things to consider as you decide what is appropriate for you and your family.


  • How to Buy Your First Rental Property

    Real estate is clearly a powerful investment tool and has made many people wealthy and many more people at least wealthier.


  • Here's a Car Buying Strategy That Could Put Thousands

    I've never understood why most people would want to do the following 'traditional' and 'normal' things when buying a car:


  • Don't Miss Special Guest Charles Gasparino, November 10th

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