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Don't Miss Special Guest Charles Gasparino, November 10th

From critically acclaimed investigative reporter, Charles Gasparino, The Sellout: How Three Decades of Wall Street Greed and Government Mismanagement Destroyed the Global Financial System is the definitive book on the current financial crisis in the United States and the events that led up to what is now being called “The Great Recession.” Looking back three decades, The Sellout explores the rise of leverage and excessive risk taking on Wall Street. As a former journalist for the Wall Street Journal and on-air editor for CNBC, Gasparino brings a unique perspective to the financial crisis.  And while other books on the crisis have dealt with the problems inside one or two firms, Gasparino’s analysis spans decades and touches upon most every big player in the business.   For readers asking how or why our banking system almost collapsed last year and who was responsible, The Sellout is the perfect book.

To listen to Charles Gasparino interview- tune in on Tuesday, Novemeber 10th  @ 5PM on ABC 1320 & 103.7FM (Jax Beaches) WBOB or online @ www.1320wbob.com